Wednesday, 24 October 2012

PARIS (Part One)~

So, I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend my eighteenth birthday in Paris. And seeming as i've been back home almost 3 weeks, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post about it.

I arrived in Paris on the day before my birthday! The hotel was fab, my room overlooked the river Seine, and i could see the eiffel tower in the distance. Perfect perfect. Oh and there were like 55 thousand mirrors in the bathroom (not that im vain or anything, honestly!)

 Lets just say i could of quite happily lived in that room forever.
On the morning of my birthday I woke up to the most lovely view. It was a nice way to start the day, and im pretty sure i spent half an hour just drinking tea and staring out of the window (before checking twitter. Of course.)
After a breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat (aka the best inventions ever), we left for a tour of Paris! It was a completely touristy morning, we went to the eiffel tower, the arc de triomphe, and ended with a cruise down the river Seine.
(Ha me and my mum) The river cruise was great, because it meant we got to see a lot of the beautiful architecture that makes Paris so special. And it gave me a chance to take a lot of photos....

Ok so i think i took about 100 but they all look really similar and i dont want to bore you. Aaaaanyway, after that, we went shopping!!!
First of all we visited a famous department store called Galeries Lafayette. It was huuuuge, there were 7 floors, to look at everything would probably take you all day, at least. But inside it was beautiful. In the make up area, there was a dome ceiling, which was decorated, and surrounded by colourful balconies looking out from the other levels of the store. Ok im crap at explaining so just look.  
It was pretty I think all shops should look like that yep.
If you went to the roof of this store, there was a balconied area that gave an amazing view of the Paris skyline. People were sitting up there on armchairs, drinking champagne and socialising and ugh french people are just so amazingly cool and perfect.

A nice part about Paris is that you can see the eiffel tower from almost anywhere in the city. It just made me really happy hah i dont know.
The rest of the day was just wandering around Paris. We went for coffee in a cute little cafe (and it cost 20 euros for 3 cappuccinos um) but it was lovely, even though it rained pretty much all day.

In the evening we visited the Latin quarter to go to a (very small) restaurant. Hands down this was the most atmospheric, lively restaurant i have ever been to.
There was a set menu (very french, onion soup for starters, followed by beef bourguignon, a cheese board and then apple tart for dessert) with as much free wine as you could drink! Oh and champagne. Ha. Not only was the meal lovely, but there was an accordion and a guitar player walking up and down the restaurant all evening, interacting with the guests. They were hilarious. At one point they pulled my mum up and tried to get her to do the cancan! Ha.
Anyway, because we had arranged the trip to the restaurant with a tour company, the restaurant owners found out it was my birthday, got the accordion and guitar players to sing happy birthday to me (which the whole restaurant joined in with) AND they brought me cake and (more) champagne. It just made the evening even more unforgettable.
Sorry no photos of that part of the trip ha >.<

Afterwards, we got on a coach and went on a night tour of Paris. We stopped at the eiffel tower again, and got to see it lit up. Sorry this is like the worst framed photo in the world (blame the wine).
And that was pretty much it for the first day. I'm gonna split the rest into a different post because otherwise this is going to be stupidly long yep ok. But that probably wont be up until like next week, you know how lazy I am. ~~~
:) x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Here are some photos I took for a photography presentation at college :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wow two posts in one month

So... yeah. Here are some (slightly dead) flowers. Sorry the colours are a bit off- i'm too lazy to photoshop lmao :P 

Saturday, 3 March 2012



ok so basically, my photography exam title is 'decay', and here are some of the pictures that I might use ^^